Weather: thunderstorm and heat, Belgium placed on yellow alert

In places, thunderstorms could give rise to heavy rains, and be accompanied by hail.

Che Friday evening and the night of Friday to Saturday, the MRI still anticipates showers and thunderstorms, which can locally be intense. From Friday 26 June 4 p.m. to Saturday 17 June 9 a.m., Belgium is therefore placed under a yellow alert with regard to thunderstorms.

In places, these thunderstorms could give rise to heavy rain and be accompanied by hail and strong gusts of wind, notes the MRI. Since the weather models locally indicate a risk of precipitation of more than 30 l / m² in 1 hour as well as a possibility of hail of about 3 cm, this warning could be revised upwards towards the orange level during the night of Friday to Saturday.

This Friday, temperatures will hover around 30 degrees in many places. Saturday will be cooler but the highs should still be around or slightly above 25 degrees in the center and in Campine.

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