Weather report. A second Cévennes episode expected on Sunday and Monday, with heavy rains

From new heavy rains are expected in the south of France on Sunday March 20 and Monday March 21, 2022 due to a second episode in the Cévennes. A very rare phenomenon, since a first episode from the Cévennes, last week, was already considered unprecedented for a month of March.

This second episode will however be weaker than the previous one according to the site Weather Gard-Hérault .

“Notable accumulations of rain” expected in the Hérault

“However, significant accumulations of rain are expected over the west of the Hérault department,” precise Weather Gard-Hérault. “The rains should mainly concentrate on the Hérault Cévennes, with accumulations of around 100 to 150 mm”confirm Weather Agate .

Rain is expected between Haut-Minervois, Haut-Biterois, Montagne-Noire and Espinouse. “Elsewhere, the accumulations will be around 50 to 80 mm or even 120 mm in the interior plain, all this in the space of around 24 hours”advance Weather Gard-Hérault.

The Gard department should for its part be ” saving “. “It will fall around 30 to 50 mm in the north-west of the department towards Vigan”specifies the weather forecast site.

Should we expect floods?

The website Weather Gard-Hérault affirm that “the accumulations of rain will be two to three times less important” compared to last week. Floods would be possible, without equivalent with the previous Cevennes episode. However, the volume of watercourses will be monitored since the soils “are waterlogged”.

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