Weather – Offenbach am Main – Berlin and Brandenburg in June warmest region in Germany – panorama

Berlin (dpa / bb) – Berlin and Brandenburg were the warmest federal states in Germany in June this year. According to a preliminary report published by the German Weather Service (DWD) on Monday, the average temperature in Berlin was 19.4 degrees, the sun shone in the capital for around 240 hours. In Brandenburg, an average of 18.5 degrees was measured and more than 235 hours of sun were counted. In Coschen, south of Eisenhüttenstadt, the thermometer climbed to 34.0 degrees on June 13 – according to the DWD so far the highest temperature in Germany this year.

According to the DWD, Berlin and Brandenburg were among the driest areas in Germany in June. It was not raining very much: In Brandenburg the amount of precipitation was 55 liters per square meter; in Berlin at only 45 liters per square meter – that was 9 or 25 liters less than the long-term average.

All over Germany, the amount of precipitation was around 90 liters per square meter. Nationwide, the average temperature in June was 16.8 degrees. The sun shone an average of 215 hours.


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