Weather News: STORM MONITORING: heavy rains in Champagne-Ardenne, storms in Languedoc-Roussillon – METEO CONSULT – DETAILED 15-DAY WEATHER FORECASTS

Since this weekend, a large part of France has fallen into a lasting stormy period with bad weather linked to violent hailstorms, intense rains and stormy gusts of wind. To help you in your decisions, we are doing a new follow-up on the stormy evolution of this Thursday evening.

This Friday

At 00 h

The rainy-stormy activity remains marked Champagne-Ardenne. In Charleville-Mézières, 23 mm of water has just fallen in 30 minutes! Some flooding is also reported.

In the south, powerful storm cells line the coast of Languedoc-Roussillon, giving abundant accumulations of rain in a short time.

Thus, this Thursday was again, and this for the 5th consecutive day, marked by strong thunderstorms, a situation rarely seen by its duration and by the number of regions affected by extreme phenomena (gusts of wind, hail, intense rains …).

yesterday thursday

At 10:30 p.m., if the storms have stopped in Auxerre and are less violent than expected in Strasbourg, it is in Champagne-Ardenne that the situation is the most delicate, as evidenced by this video shot at the time of the arrival of a line of storms.

This line of violent thunderstorms sweeps across the region, from east to west, causing intense rain.

The situation remains very degraded until Friday midnight on the whole region where floods are feared; be extremely vigilant if you drive in this region, flooded roads may surprise you!

In the south, from the Aquitaine basin to Occitania, the stormy instability continues tonight. The thunderstorms are most often scattered, still punctually quite marked, before strengthening again on Friday morning.

At 10 p.m., it is the turn of northern Alsace to suffer violent storms: this is currently the case in Strasbourg where waterspouts are currently pouring into the city center.

At 9:30 p.m., the most violent storms break out between Burgundy and the Grand-Est. The city of Auxerre is flooded.

At 9 p.m., the situation is changing quite rapidly. To the south, the strongest storms stretch from Lot to Hérault to Béziers via Montauban, Albi and Castres. They weaken south of Toulouse.

In the east, the strongest storms stretch from the Yonne to the Meuse down to Alsace. In storms, the accumulations of rain are locally very high and lead to flooding.

Powerful gusts are also reported, sometimes close to 100 km / h.

At 7:45 p.m., storms from the south are now reaching the city of Agen (47) hit for the second time today by hail. This is also the case of Montauban (82). Haute-Garonne is the most affected department in the south-west currently with a continual reactivation of thunderstorms between Muret and Toulouse.

Violent storms also broke out between the Corbières, the Minervois, the Monts Lacaune and the Hérault Cévennes. In Caunes-Minervois (11), 33 mm of rain fell in 30 minutes. Narbonne (11), Bédarieux (34), Millau (12) and Mende (48) are preparing to experience heavy storms by 9 p.m.

To the north, another line of thunderstorms stretches from Poitou in the north of Burgundy to Champagne, south of Lorraine to the Vosges. The storms are violent in Auxerre (89), Belfort (90), Épinal (88), Mulhouse (68), Troyes (10) and Saint-Dizier (52). In Val-de-Meuse (52), 20 mm of rain fell in 20 minutes. These storms rise quickly in the direction of Gien (45), Joigny (89), Nancy (54), Toul (55), Saint-Dié-des-Vosges (68), Sélestat (67) and Colmar (68).

At 7 p.m., thunderstorms sweep the sectors of Toulouse, Auch as well as Minervois, the center of Aude and Ariège. They are accompanied by hail. Other violent storms broke out between northern Burgundy, Haute-Saône, southern Vosges and Alsace. Be very careful if you are driving in these regions at the moment with sometimes greatly reduced visibility in thunderstorms and flooded roads which may surprise you!

At 6:30 p.m., the situation is very stormy this evening with two areas affected by intense rain and showers. The first stretches from Poitou and the south of the Center region to Berry, Burgundy-Franche-Comté and Rhône-Alpes. Intense rains and strong electrical activity occur there. Thus, 28 mm of water fell in 30 minutes in Fourgs (25), 16 mm in Dornes (58) and 13 mm in La Chapelle Saint-Maurice (74), which corresponds to 15 days of rain. Under storms, powerful gusts of wind were measured at 86 km / h in Dole (39), 82 km / h in Lyon (69) and 72 km / h in Grenoble (38).

Hail was again observed in Bourges (18), Nevers (58), Langres (52), Vesoul (70) and Belfort (90). This disturbance goes back to Anjou, Touraine, Orléanais, Auxerrois, Champagne and southern Alsace which will be impacted by 7:30 p.m. with violent phenomena to be feared.

The second area affected by thunderstorms concerns the regions south of the Garonne as far as Midi-Toulousain and the Aude department. If the Pyrenees are spared, the foothills areas are particularly affected. These storms are localized, but like this morning in Agen (47), they can locally cause intense rains generating floods. Be careful between Mont-de-Marsan (40), Tarbes (65), Auch (32), Toulouse (31), Montauban (82) because these sectors could experience bad weather this evening.

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