Weather. Is the wave of softness that sets in so exceptional?

According to Météo-France forecasts, the weather will be mild on Tuesday throughout the country, with less abundant rainfall in Languedoc-Roussillon.

On the eastern flank of the country, from the Grand-Est to Rhône-Alpes and PACA, the sun will prevail all day. Some greyness in the Alsatian plain at the beginning of the day will dissipate over the morning. The sun will also impose itself on the coastal departments of the Atlantic, going back to the Pays-de-la-Loire and Normandy regions.

Until 20 ° C à Bayonne

In Finistère, on the sidelines of a disturbance, clouds may give some weak precipitation. Elsewhere, the sky will be changeable and dry.

Minimum temperatures will be around 6 to 11 ° C. They will be a little lower in the south of Aquitaine, in Brittany, on the Normandy coasts, and in the Rhône valley with 4/7 ° C. It is in Alsace that it will be coolest, between 1 and 3 ° C.

The highs will be mild for the season. They will climb to 15/19 ° C, 20 ° C expected in Bayonne, for barely 13/15 on the coast of the Channel, Roussillon and Brittany, with no more than 12 ° C in Quimper.

Sweetness in February: not so rare!

The waves of softness in the second half of February are not uncommon, analyzes The Weather channel.

The weather records show that periods of great mildness regularly occurred in France in the second half of February, with values ​​close to those we currently know. For example, higher temperatures, of + 1 ° to + 4 ° C above seasonal norms, had been recorded in 1960, 1966, 1990, 2007 and 2019. With records in 1960, 2007 and 2019.

In 2013, in a cold winter, temperatures had exceeded 15 ° C around February 20. This was the year that northern France then experienced a historic snowstorm on the following March 13.

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Which months of March after very mild February?

The mildest February is usually followed by mild March as well. But there is no rule. It appears that after a first wave of spring mildness in the second half of February, the cold returns quite often in March. We also note that the mildness of February is often followed (60% of the cases studied) by a mild but wet and stormy spring (April and May).

What outlook for this year?

This year, the current wave of softness will not break any records but promises to be lasting. Thus, despite the cold period from February 7 to 14, this month of February 2021 should, in total, be milder than the averages of around + 1 ° C at least, as in 1960.

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The highs will be mild for the season.  They will climb to 15/19 degrees.

Weather. Is the wave of softness that sets in so exceptional?

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