Weather in Germany: squalls – the DWD warns in these districts

Weather in Germany: Orange alert: The DWD is now warning of gusts of wind in these districts

Weather in Germany: Winter could soon return in Germany. Temperatures could change by 25 degrees again within a week. The DWD also warns of squalls. All information on the weather situation in Germany as well as current warnings in the news ticker from FOCUS Online.

Orange alert: In these districts, the DWD is now warning of squalls

Saturday, February 27th, 9:39 am: In the state of Baden-Württemberg it can get particularly stormy today. The German Weather Service (DWD) warns of storm gusts here. These can surface above the 1000 meter limit and reach speeds between 70 and 85 kilometers per hour. Therefore, watch out for falling objects such as branches. There is currently no severe weather warning for the remaining federal states.

For these districts (LK) and urban districts (KS) there is a level 2 storm warning:


  • LK Ortenau
  • LK Emmendingen
  • LK Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald
  • KS Freiburg
  • LK Loerrach
  • LK Waldshut
  • LK Schwarzwald-Baar district
  • LK Freudenstadt

Temperature drop by up to 25 degrees: Winter is coming back – with permafrost and snowfall

Friday, February 26th, 1.40 p.m .: The Sahara warmth tore Germany from the cold hands of winter within days. Temperatures have risen by up to 30 degrees. But now winter could return with full severity. Temperatures could change by 25 degrees again within a week. Only this time it’s going downhill – according to meteorologist Jan Schenk, there could be a first cold spell from Wednesday and Thursday. The expert also considers snowfall at higher altitudes to be possible.

According to Schenk, things will be particularly exciting on the first weekend in March: Arctic air could flow into Germany and bring permafrost and daytime temperatures between minus 5 and minus 6 degrees Celsius. Other weather models predict warmer temperatures, but it should definitely be frosty. You can see more about the possible cold snap in the video above.

Historical temperature increase of more than 40 degrees in one week

Tuesday, February 23, 11.49 a.m .: First freezing frost, then sunshine and mild spring weather: Within a few days, the weather in Germany has turned a record. This is what the climate researchers from the German Weather Service calculated. The temperature has never risen as sharply within seven days since the start of the recordings as the measured values ​​now confirmed by the Göttingen weather station. While a low of minus 23.8 degrees was measured there on February 14, the high on February 21 was 18.1 degrees – an increase of 41.9 degrees.

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In order to find something even remotely comparable, the weather researchers had to go way back in time: The previous record was set in May 1880, i.e. in the early days of weather records. At that time, a temperature increase of 41 degrees was measured within seven days, said a spokesman for the DWD.

In northern Germany, according to the information, two regional heat records were also measured in winter on Monday: In Quickborn in Schleswig-Holstein the maximum value was 18.9 degrees and was thus still above the record value of 17.8 degrees measured two years earlier. In Hamburg, even 21.1 degrees were measured at the Neuwiedenthal weather station on Monday. The previous record at the same station of 18.1 degrees at the same station a good year earlier was “pulverized”, according to a DWD spokesman. “For the first time since the beginning of temperature recordings, the temperature in Hamburg has risen above 20 degrees in winter.”

Weather on Sunday: Spring temperatures remain, but warnings of frost and squalls

Sunday, February 21, 12:35 p.m.: In many places it remains Weather on Sunday warm and sunny. The whole Sunday there is widespread sunshine and very mild temperatures. Near the coast and in the east, 11 to 15 degrees are measured. In the north-west, south-west and on the northern edge of the low mountain range the values ​​rise to 18 degrees, locally 20 degrees are also possible.

In the south of Germany, however, there is a threat of gusts of wind and storms with speeds between 60 and 80 km / h on Sunday. In addition, the German Weather Service warns of light frost down to -2 ° C. In valleys and basins, temperatures can drop to values ​​as low as -5 ° C. Even in the middle of the country, especially in valleys and basins, there should be light frost with temperatures between 0 and -2 degrees.

The DWD issues an official warning of gusts of wind and wind in the following districts:



  • Oberallgäu district

  • Ostallgäu district

  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen district

  • Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen district

  • Miesbach district

  • District and city of Rosenheim

  • District of Traunstein

  • Berchtesgadener Land district

Weather on Saturday: fog in the morning, warm temperatures in the southwest

Saturday, February 20, 12:07 p.m .: On Saturday, very warm air masses come to Germany from the southwest. In the morning, due to the rain of the past few days, fog must be expected, especially in the southern half of Germany.

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During the day, high cloud cover often prevents the sun from really getting through. The temperatures in the east are 10 degrees. The highest temperatures are expected in the southwest. The clouds there presumably prevent the 20 degree limit from being exceeded.

Squalls in several regions of Germany

Wednesday, February 17th, 7:08 am: The German weather service warns on Wednesday morning in several regions of gusts of wind with up to 80 km / h.

Warning level 2 applies to both Harz as well as in Hessian district of Waldeck-Frankenberg and in Hochsauerlandkreis. In Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg several districts are affected:


  • Oberallgäu district
  • Ostallgäu district
  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen district
  • Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen district
  • Miesbach district
  • District and city of Rosenheim
  • District of Traunstein
  • Berchtesgadener Land district
  • Freyung-Grafenau district
  • Circle rain
  • Deggendorf district
  • District of Straubing-Bogen and city of Straubing
  • Cham district


  • Freudenstadt district
  • Ortenaukreis
  • District of Emmendingen
  • Schwarzwald-Baar district
  • District of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald and city of Freiburg
  • District of Loerrach
  • Waldshut district

Even if winter is already subsiding in many German cities, or has already subsided, the DWD occasionally warns with black ice. Warning level 2 currently applies in Saxony Erzgebirgkreis and in Thuringia in a circle Schmalkalden-Meiningen and in a circle Hildburghausen.

Weather service warns of squalls

2:26 p.m .: In the afternoon, the German Weather Service warns of squalls on the Brocken in the Harz Mountains. There are also gusts of wind in the Black Forest above 1000 meters. Gusts of wind in the Black Forest and on the Swabian Alb above 800 meters. Here the DWD warns with level 2 (orange). Otherwise light frost in some areas in the east, in the evening light frost in eastern Bavaria.

8:51 a.m.: The morning lightning weather overview from the experts at The Weather Channel: On Tuesday night an occluded front brought rain and snow. Due to the cold temperatures, black ice was widespread in Germany. Even in the morning there is still freezing rain in the east and in the low mountain range. Fog is reported widely in northern Germany.

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Also on Wednesday night it rains again. At warmer temperatures, black ice can only occur in some low mountain range valleys and in the east.

Ice skaters broke into a pond – 29-year-old dies

7.01 a.m .: A 29-year-old man died a few hours after he broke into a frozen pond in Baden-Württemberg while skating. As a police spokesman said on Tuesday, he died in the hospital on Monday evening.

The young man was ice skating on the pond near Schlier in the Ravensburg district about 50 meters from the bank on Monday afternoon when the ice gave way under him. A 60 year old man wanted to help the young man and broke in himself. Passers-by pulled the helper who had crashed onto the bank. The 29-year-old was first taken out of the water by a diver from the German Life Saving Society (DLRG) and then taken to a hospital. The 60-year-old was also treated with hypothermia in the hospital.

Black ice on Tuesday morning

6.18 a.m .: On Tuesday morning, drivers and pedestrians have to be prepared for difficult road conditions, black ice, rain and snow. For Tuesday night, the German Meteorological Service in Offenbach expected freezing rain or drizzle with black ice on Monday evening in the east and south. The police stations reported some ice accidents during the night, but there was no snow chaos like last week.

For the east and southeast, some snowfall was initially expected, which should quickly turn into rain and subside in the course of the morning. The frosty days are over for now. The reason is the foothills of a strong Atlantic depression, which gradually brings in warmer sea air.

6.07 a.m.: The German Weather Service warns with level 2 (orange): Black ice is widespread on Tuesday. Squalls occur in the Alps from 1500 meters. Spreads light to moderate frost in the center, east and south. Light snowfall in the east. Fog occurs in Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony.

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