Weather Germany: Heavy onset of winter – is the snow whip really coming?

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When it comes to the weather in Germany and Baden-Württemberg, all signs point to winter. Cold polar and milder Atlantic air meet. What are the consequences of this meeting on the weather?

Winter has finally arrived in Germany. After a rather mild December, many regions had plenty of opportunities at the beginning of the year, especially in the higher elevations snow looking forward. Now there is great hope that the weather in Germany and Baden-Württemberg will continue like this. So will winter in 2021 once again show what it can do or can sleds and snowsuits be packed away again? Weather experts make forecasts about whether it will continue to be cold and snowy or whether Germany a completely different one Weather expected.

Weather in Germany: Heavy onset of winter – is the big snow bomb really coming?

In January the days get a little longer again, but there is no more sunlight – it remains icy. And that shouldn’t change anytime soon. Because like that Weather experts from German Weather Service (DWD) report, it should be especially in southern Germany heavy snowfall come. That could make for another rush to the popular Winter excursion destinations in Baden-Württemberg to care. Already in the first two weekends of January there were chaotic scenes in the northern Black Forest. The access roads at Stocksberg in Beilstein (Heilbronn district) also had to be blocked by the police. But when should it Snow bomb finally burst?

According to Weather experts is currently causing a low pressure influence in the north Germany for inconsistent Weather. The south, on the other hand, is under the influence of high pressure – hence that is Weather still friendly. In the night of Tuesday and on Tuesday, January 12th, a system of fronts itself crossed Germany from north to south and ushered in an inconsistent weather segment – overarching precipitation began. From around the low mountain range threshold, rain turns into snow. And even the lower layers are allowed to partially overlap snow looking forward. One to five centimeters of fresh snow fall. In the northwestern stagnation of the low mountain range, the weather experts even expect more than ten centimeters of fresh snow in just six hours.

Snow whip in Germany: Mega snowfall in the Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg

On Wednesday morning, January 13th, the Snowfall on the South of Germany about. The lower areas can look forward to a few centimeters of fresh snow. The accumulation of the central and southwest German low mountain ranges can, however, with more than ten centimeters of fresh snow calculate. According to the ICON weather model (from the German Weather Service), the Baden-Württemberg Black Forest up to 40 centimeters of fresh snow also fall, like reported.

Snow, temperatures just below zero and partly sunny weather lured many people outside at the weekend.

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Both the American and the European weather service models are not as good news for snow lovers as the ICON model. Therefore, the exact Snowfall forecast I can’t estimate it at the moment and it remains very exciting. The inconsistent and mixed Weather with rain, sleet and snow is expected to be quieter on Thursday Weather give way. The chances of sunshine increase. In addition, the daily highs are falling in many places wintry and become the frosty area do not leave.

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