Weather forecast for today, Monday, November 22

This Monday’s weather in Cartagena (Murcia) will be marked by very cloudy skies from early morning until 06:00 hours, then the cloudiness will be reduced to give way to an environment of cloudy intervals with little rain until 18:00 hours and with cloudy intervals until the fall of the night, according to the prediction of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET).

In the morning no rain is expected, but there will be weak rainfall in the second half of the day. Also, during the morning, there are certain chances that they will appear tormetas and there is a good chance that they will occur in the afternoon. The temperatures they won’t change too much from yesterday, with a maximum of 18 degrees and a minimum of 11 (with a minimal wind chill around 12 degrees). Loose southwesterly winds will blow.

The graph below indicates how the weather will evolve throughout the week in Cartagena. From left to right, the corresponding day, the predominant sky state, the probability of precipitation and the minimum and maximum temperatures are represented.

Tomorrow’s weather

On the other hand, tomorrow is expected a Tuesday very cloudy with little rain from dawn to the middle of the day, although it will stop raining and cloud cover will decrease
starting at 12:00.

A maximum temperature similar to today’s is expected in Cartagena, but the minimum will experience some changes. Light winds from the southwest will prevail.

The time of the day after tomorrow

For Wednesday there would be a reduced probability of rainfall, since the whole day will host a very cloudy panorama. The thermometers will experience little change, moving between 8 and 16 degrees. On the other hand, the wind will blow slightly from the west.

Weather in other municipalities

With respect to other nearby municipalities, very cloudy skies are expected in Murcia, between dawn and midday, which will give way to a panorama of abundant clouds with a storm until the last part of the day. No rain is expected during the first part of the day. In contrast, the AEMET forecasts weak rainfall in the second half of the day. The minimum temperature will be 9 degrees and the maximum 19 degrees.

In Torrevieja, cloudy skies will take place in the strip that goes from dawn to 12:00; and cloudy skies with a storm for the remainder of the day. The meteorological body points out that the morning will not leave rainfall, while drizzles may occur in the afternoon. The minimum temperature will be 12 degrees, while the maximum will be 18.

This is the weather forecast in other locations:

* Weather data in Cartagena with information prepared using, among others, that obtained from the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET). In any case, this information should be considered provisional pending future updates.


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