Weather forecast for this Thursday morning in New York with cloudy skies and rain | Videos | Univision 41 New York WXTV

ana patricia: ourguardians of time they aremonitoring.lucrecia: there are parts of thecounties where it is alreadyraining, in our regionbefore 7:00 am, right atthe time that many people go outto work.let’s see the picturewe have for you to knowexactly the path of therainfall this morningand it is that as we said we seethe rain on the sideNorthwest Jarin State,while for the nextminutes we will see that systemmoving to our region,for 5:45 minuteswe anticipate the arrival of thissystem to the counties ofwill continue to move and evenwe see that the rain could bethis image is at 7:00 amand let’s see some in thesignificant amounts of rain in whatrespecta new metro areajersey and new york, the rainmay be right for himwhen I’m going to go outthe good news is that thesystem is movingpretty fast for 8:00am we practically see it ineastern part of jarin state,after that it will continue to movefor 10:30 we anticipatemore stable conditions andwill bring only in abundance butbefore we will have rain inour area.the temperatures fornext few hours remainthis time until 11:00am, we anticipate a start ofI was going very fast.

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