Weather Forecast for Lyon: Thunderstorms and Cloudy Skies Expected

Lyon, where clouds will persist today, will continue to wait for the sun. The values ​​will range between 14°C and 27°C. The clouds to be expected in the morning, and a still gloomy sky. Low intensity thunderstorms will darken the skies of the city. A northeast wind will blow lightly. Thunderstorms will be announced in the afternoon and will risk making the sky roar. On the other hand, temperatures will register an increase of several degrees. The values ​​will evolve between 24 and 27°C. The maximum will reach 27°C while the minimum will be 24°C. In the evening, showers will be possible. Rainy skies are expected overnight between Saturday and Sunday.

With clouds tomorrow, in Lyon, the sky will still be overcast. A fall in mercury is to be expected. It will be 17°C on average. In the morning, light drizzle is expected. The values ​​will turn around 18°C. A light breeze from the southeast will be felt by the inhabitants. Tomorrow afternoon, clouds will dot the sky, delaying the arrival of the sun. Residents should seek shelter from low-intensity thunderstorms that will occur. On the other hand, temperatures will rise by several degrees. The values ​​will show between 19 and 24°C. A light southwesterly wind will blow during the evening.

The weather conditions of the following days will change little by little. The weather will hold on Monday but improve on Tuesday.

2023-06-02 23:23:42
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