Weather: “Coldest possible air mass” is coming to Germany – temperature drop is imminent

Germany expects a drop in temperature – the reason: The “coldest possible air mass, which we can get in this season at all”, is approaching us.

  • The Germany weather* was exceptional in April.
  • May starts extremely changeable again.
  • From ground frost to summer weather to strong thunderstorms, everything is included, according to the forecast.

Update from May 8, 3:44 p.m .: The warm weather is driving sun-seekers into the fresh air these days. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, things are getting tight in German parks. But the mild temperatures deceive: it could already be on Saturday thunderstorm come, on Sunday storms with hail are possible. On Monday, at the beginning of the Ice Saints, snow can even be expected.

Ice-cold Arctic air is currently drifting towards Germany. That reports The cold front sweeps across the North Sea. That is the “coldest possible air massthat we can get at all this time of year, ”reports In line with the ice saints, a drop in temperature is announced for the coming week. The transition to this will probably start at the weekend.

Thunderstorms can already occur on Saturday. Also for Sunday severe storms announced. The foothills of the Alps are particularly affected, but also eastern Germany. But it shouldn’t stop there. The Storm air is displaced by the cold air in the southeast of Germany in the early Monday morning. On Monday the Snow line then sink from the Ore Mountains to the Black Forest to low altitudes.

Weather: The first heat days are coming – then experts warn of “big smack”

Update from May 8, 10:49 a.m .: The Weather stays in May changeable. After a little warmer weekend from 8 to 10 May, the Temperatures throughout Germany at the beginning of next week up to 10 degrees Celsius. Although the temperatures rise again during the week, it does not really get summery. Also in the second half of May the weather is to remain changeable throughout Germany. Frosty nights but should belong in the past.

Update from May 7th, 10:36 am: The approaching weekend promises some summery Temperatures. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), the temperatures on Saturday are between 20 and 25 degrees. On Friday, up to 27 degrees are possible.

A first taste of the summer? Not quite, because Sunday is already starting Weather change at. In the south are Mother’s Day again up to 25 degrees possible, while temperatures in the north can drop. But Sunday also brings a “big clap” like reported. It will be windier and significantly colder – a foretaste of Monday when the temperatures are between 8 and 14 degrees during the day. As the DWD reports, there could be “prolonged rainfall” in the south, the snow line drops to 800 to 400 meters.

Weather: Temperatures should drop radically – the air mass limit even brings snow

Update from May 6th: On Wednesday it is mostly friendly across Germany. But if you want to clear away the winter sweaters at these summer temperatures, you should be patient. It may even snow again in the happy month of May.

With a few exceptions in North-East Germany with warning level 1, the German Weather Service (DWD) shows on Wednesday Green for Germany. Accordingly, clouds form in the northeast half in the afternoon, but for the rest of Germany it remains “slightly cloudy, still dry”. The maximum values ​​are between 13 and 20 degrees.

It should get warmer by the day by the weekend, reports as well But already at the weekend the temperatures should drop radically again. On time for theIce saints From May 11th to 15th, a low over Scandinavia and a high over the Atlantic are already on Sunday ice cold polar air to Germany.

In the coming week, where the cold air from the north meets the warm air from the south, it can become a so-called Air mass limit come. Below that, the snow line could even sink into the valleys. So far, there is still speculation as to whether and where this air mass boundary will form

Weather experts announce “coldest night” – but then the tide turns

Update from May 5 at 9:18 a.m.: Just before Germany can soak up the sun again, the weather today feels a bit sad. in the south holds on Sun according to the
DWD all day behind thick Clouds hidden and there are some in the Alps strengthen Shiver. There are also some dense ones in the east Cloud cover and showers.

Only in the west can the sun be enjoyed a little longer today. There prevail cool Temperatures between 11 and 15 degrees. In the night it gets really cold again and we can expect up to -6 degrees. Loud it will be the coldest night all week. Tomorrow the leaf will slowly turn towards summer and it will prevail a lot of sunshine with only loose cumulus clouds. The maximum values ​​can then reach up to 20 degrees.

Germany weather: Ice Saints don’t let summer work yet

After the summer briefly continues towards the weekend, explosive thunderstorms follow on Sunday descent the Temperatures. The ice saints are not yet really in control of summer. Starting next Monday, precipitation and frost will be announced again.

Germany weather: first frost in the ground, then summer – change follows “explosive weather conditions”

First report from May 4, 2020: Munich – The impression that the weather is going a little crazy is becoming more and more solid. The long-term forecast had already predicted this – so far it should have been right. And May could also be extreme – extremely changeable.

At the start of the week, the weather in Germany is very volatile. From strong clouds to showers to sun, everything is possible. Then, however, there is a new trend.

New weather trend in Germany: summer is coming back

Then it is summer in Germany definitely on the rise. However, it can be too violent at times Thunderstorms* come because damp summer air comes to Germany. On Monday, the German Weather Service is already warning of strong thunderstorms for the south-east and north-east of Baden-Württemberg. Heat and drought are expected in summer, especially in the north.

In the coming days, however, Germany will be able to over again for now Summer weather looking forward. There is already a lot of sun in the middle of the week. We benefit from the effects of two high-pressure areas. In the west and southwest, the thermometer reaches up to 20 degrees on Wednesday.

On Thursday it also remains calm and summery. The sun shines in most parts of Germany and the temperatures rise to 18 to 25 degrees in the southwest. The summer trend continues on Friday – in Bavaria up to 26 degrees will be reached.

The weather in Germany is going to be “pretty explosive” – ​​it really blows on weekends

But after the summer weather there will be a bang at the weekend. At up to 27 degrees, the first thunderstorms are approaching Germany from the west on Saturday. It will be on Sunday at the latest“Pretty explosive in the weather”, explains meteorologist Alban Burster from

A low pressure area over France is in charge and separates warm, humid from cooler air. Heavy thunderstorms can then be expected in the transition area between these two zones. According to current estimates by the weather expert, this zone will be somewhere in the south or southwest. This can lead to “very heavy heavy rain, flooding, hail and storm”.

Summer weather in Germany: what does the long-term forecast say?

Especially in times of Corona virus*, the den Vacation in the south* thanks in the summer months Travel restrictions* makes it unlikely, the weather in this country is particularly interesting. There are already forecasts for summer weather in Germany – rather “shock forecasts”, as an expert calls them.


List of rubric lists: © picture alliance / dpa / Sina Schuldt

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