Weather Authority: This winter won’t be as cold as last year

confirmed Dr Eman ShakerDirector of the Remote Sensing Center Encountered According to the weather forecast, there is no chance of rain in Cairo in the next few hours, but there is water fog, and so we must be careful when driving on the highway.

The director of the Remote Sensing Center of the Meteorological Authority added in the course of the 90-minute program, broadcast on the Al-Mehwar channel, that the rains will be light and medium on the northern coasts, explaining that the rains this year are less than the rates of previous years.

And the director of the Meteorological Authority’s Remote Sensing Center continued: This winter will not be as severe as last winter and there will be no major depressions.

Earlier, Manar Ghanem, a member of the Meteorological Authority’s Media Center, revealed details of the weather during the next 72 hours, especially after the chances of rain that most of the Republic has seen over the past few days..

A member of the General Authority of Meteorology’s Media Center said in statements to ‘The Seventh Day’ that the country is expected to see an improvement in weather conditions, starting tomorrow, Thursday, as the depression that was hitting the Egypt has moved towards the Levant, and we have begun to be influenced by the presence of an airborne elevation on the surface of the earth with an atmospheric elevation in the upper layers of the atmosphere increases the periods of sunshine and the chances of rain decrease and recede for the northern and northern coasts of Lower Egypt to be weak and to be ineffective..

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He pointed out that shaboura is expected to reappear again to become the meteorological phenomenon affecting the country and will be intense, especially in the night hours and early morning hours, and lead to a decrease in horizontal vision..

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