Wearing the bikini backwards, the trend of summer 2021

Since the temperatures rise a bit, you want to keep an eye on the swimwear collection for this summerdo not. Surely even in the January sales, you have sinned with a bikini or swimsuit for the summer season. It is normal. Summer feels like a lot. Well, some celebrities They have already put on the bikini and have taken advantage of the first rays of sun to show their new acquisitions through social networks.

Elsa Pataky's sports shoes are Spanish, trendy and supportive


Elsa Pataky’s sports shoes are Spanish, trendy and supportive

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Among the most viral bikinis we have found one that will leave you speechless. Kylie Jenner o Kourtney Kardashian They have already released it taking advantage of the good weather. It is a very peculiar bikini that you can even copy at home with the bikinis that you already have. And it is that the upper part that we normally use for the chest area is now also worn as a mini thong. How do you hear it!

Sure, this trick has gained popularity thanks to the the Kar-Jenner family. If you dare, it is quite easy to use. You just need a triangle bikini top with thin straps. All you need to do is flip the bikini so that the gathering is facing the ceiling and then tie the new thong on the side or in the back.

As for the bikini top, you can also give it a twist like Kourtney has done. His trick is to also put the top inside out, criss-cross the straps in the front and then tie at the neck in the form of a halter neck. If you want to put this trick into practice, you can do it very easily by following this TikTok. Do you dare to wear it?

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as requested – how to vid: spicing up ur bikini edition

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