Wearing roller skates to pass the “ice hockey addiction” Shaanxi Province Roller Skating Open in Xi’an

Wearing roller skates to pass the “ice hockey addiction” Shaanxi Province Roller Skating Open in Xi’an

2022-08-11 15:43:37Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News On the morning of August 11, the national 2022 “National Fitness Day” theme event “National Fitness Week” in Shaanxi Province and the 2022 Shaanxi Provincial Roller Skating Open kicked off at the Shaanxi Provincial Stadium. The competition lasted for two days. A total of more than 300 players from 31 teams from primary and secondary schools and social clubs in the province participated in the competition.

As a derivative sport of ice hockey, roller skating is a team sport with strong confrontation and high appreciation. Athletes have delicate and exquisite receiving and passing skills on the field, ingenious group cooperation, extremely fast offensive and defensive transitions, and eternal life. The unyielding fighting spirit is deeply loved by young people.

In recent years, with the promotion of roller skating projects in our province and the holding of various trainings and competitions, roller skating has also made great progress. As the highest-level roller skating event in our province, the Shaanxi Provincial Roller Skating Open has been held for 4 consecutive sessions since 2019. This event was hosted by the Shaanxi Provincial Sports Bureau, and hosted by the Shaanxi Provincial Zhuque Square Management Center, the Shaanxi Provincial Stadium, the Shaanxi Provincial Social Sports Development Center, the Xi’an Beilin District Culture, Tourism and Sports Bureau, and the Shaanxi Provincial Roller Skating Association. As one of the five provincial-level sports events of Shaanxi Province’s “National Fitness Week”, the theme event of “National Fitness Day” in 2022, the event is held to actively implement the “Opinions on Building a Higher-level National Fitness Public Service System” and “Shaanxi Province National Fitness Implementation Plan (2021-2025)”, to build a platform for roller skating enthusiasts to communicate and display, release passion and enjoy happiness.

The competition consists of senior group, U14 group, U12 group, U10 group, U8 group and U6 group. On the field, the contestants wearing “helmets”, wearing “armor” and stepping on “Hot Wheels” were eye-catching. They held clubs and chased small balls. There was no sound of skates scratching the ice surface. Instead, there is the sound of the pulley rolling over the ground. The roller skating ball also collides back and forth under the players’ clubs. Once it flies into the net, it will cause bursts of cheers from the audience on the sidelines.

The relevant person in charge of the Shaanxi Provincial Roller Skating Association said that with the rapid improvement of people’s living standards, roller skating, as an emerging fashion item, is now recognized by more and more teenagers and parents. In the next step, the Provincial Roller Skating Association will, under the careful guidance of the Provincial Social Sports Development Center, fully grasp the major opportunity of the “double reduction” policy, promote roller skating into the campus, carry out off-campus training, hold various competitions, and promote roller skating. Vigorous development, and continuously improve the physical quality and health level of the majority of young people.

Text/Photo by Yan Bin, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Press

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