Weapons seized from students in schools in Suriname

Last week, the police encountered gas pistols that students had with them at two schools in Suriname.

The neighborhood managers (BMs) of Uitvlugt, the Majors of the police R. Nibte and R. Tevreden, were informed on Wednesday, January 25 by the school management of the Surinamese Technical School (STS II) that a student was behaving strangely at school. The student in question was called to the office for an interview and refused to let the teacher take a look at his school bag.

To prevent worse, the BMs were called in, who conducted a conversation with the student in question. After this, this student handed a sharp object to the BMs. In addition, the school management given a gas rifle to the BMs. This weapon had been given to the school management by a parent of another student. Investigations have shown that this student had received the weapon from a friend. He brought it home and during social control of the mother she discovered the weapon with her offspring.

Pending the investigation, both the sharp object and the gas rifle have been seized by the BMs, reports the Suriname Police Force.

After receiving information that a student must have brought a gas pistol to school, the school management of the Sarasvati School carried out a bag check in all classrooms on Friday, January 27. during this check she came across a gas pistol, which the 15-year-old student BS had with him. According to BS, the gas pistol belongs to his brother, who had borrowed his school bag several times and probably forgot it in his school bag.

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The neighborhood manager of the De Nieuwe Grond resort, the First Class Police Officer Rafaëlla Wouter, visited the school for further investigation. The brother was told to register at the aforementioned school. After this, the minor BS and his brother BA (22) were transferred to the De Nieuwe Grond police station.

Neighborhood manager Wouter had separate conversations with both the parents and the brothers. After coordination with the Surinamese Public Prosecution Service, the brothers were sent away.

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