Weapons alarm at the airport: pistol discovered in the luggage of a businesswoman (54).

On Monday afternoon, inspectors at Frankfurt Airport discovered a sharp weapon in the hand luggage of a passenger from Cologne.

Frankfurt am Main – Gun alarm at the airport in Frankfurt am Main. During a routine check of hand luggage, aviation security assistants found a live and loaded pistol. Extensive investigations and the search of an entire plane were the result.

The federal police temporarily arrested the 54-year-old and immediately initiated extensive investigations. (Symbol photo) © dpa/Boris Rössler

But from the beginning: As a spokesman for the police headquarters in the Hessian Main metropolis reported on Tuesday afternoon, the tricky find was made on Monday afternoon in the hand luggage of a 54-year-old woman from Cologne.

As a result, the air traveler, who works as a businesswoman, was initially arrested and interrogated by federal police officers. However, she did not provide a plausible explanation for carrying the SigSauer pistol with her.

The only clue on her part was the statement that the gun loaded with seven rounds of ammunition could have belonged to her partner.

Five years on the run: the police catch a 31-year-old at the border

police reports
Five years on the run: the police catch a 31-year-old at the border

As a result, for safety reasons, a flight to Munich, which was scheduled to take off at 1.15 p.m. from Germany’s largest commercial airport, was completely checked again. The 92 passengers on the plane were able to start their journey on a later flight around 6 p.m.

In addition, the Frankfurt criminal police carried out searches of the second home of the 54-year-old in Cologne. An apartment shared with her partner was also targeted.

It turned out that the pistol was actually purchased by the partner of the woman from Cologne. He bought the gun illegally about ten years ago. It was still not clear why the 54-year-old ultimately carried the pistol with her.

Further investigations into the case are ongoing. Criminal proceedings have been initiated against the couple for violating the Weapons Act.

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