We would leave on 399 euros for the PS5 when it is released on November 20

The end of 2020 will be marked by the release of the new generation of console. This is the big event of the year in the entertainment industry and suddenly the rumors are increasing. According to recent leaks and rumors, the PS5 could be sold at 399 euros as soon as it is released. It’s pretty good news, yes.

First of all, it should be noted that the future PS5 will be available in two models. On the one hand a digital version without CD player and on the other side a more classic version equipped with a 4K Blu-Ray player. And this Tuesday, leaks and rumors give indications on the price of these new consoles. Sony would move towards a strategy similar to that used for the PS4.

399 euros?

Let us dive back into this somewhat dark period of Sony, when the Japanese firm marketed the PS3 at the exorbitant price of 599 euros. Bad strategy since the sales were simply catastrophic. Sony had to make adjustments to its console such as removing the PS2 backward compatibility or the card reader and then lowering the price.

Sony had learned from its mistakes to launch the PS4 at a reasonable price of 399 euros. And it would seem that the Japanese box follows this same strategy for its PS5 by launching the digital version at 399 euros. On the other hand, the version equipped with the Blu-Ray player will be a little more expensive namely 499 euros, like the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X at their release.

Note that this is not official information and confirmed by Sony. These prices come from leaks from Amazon and some “insiders”. Despite everything, these figures are very plausible since they do not exceed 500 euros, an amount that had been fateful for Sony at the exit of the PS3. Finally, regarding the release date, it is likely that this new console will hit the shelves on November 20. It remains only to wait for confirmation from Sony.

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