We won’t see the Dead Space Remake anymore this year

Caden House thanked Redditen for the feedback so far and said he was looking forward to showing more of the game next year.

Motive and Electronic Arts At the end of July were presented to us in the making Dead Space Remaketo which a developer video we also got it last month. In the case of the latter, we have learned a number of interesting and exciting things, but it seems that we will have to wait until 2022 for more serious details. Caden House, Motive’s community manager at Reddit, wrote in a post that everything they’ve shown is part of an early workflow, they still have a lot to work on, for example, Isaac’s dress or Ishimura’s look. They retreat a little now to sort out their thoughts, discuss the thoughts, suggestions and theories they have received from the feedback and can’t wait to show us next year what the end result can be for all of this.

The Dead Space Remake has no release date yet, some are rumored to arrive in late 2022, but this has not been commented on by the developers.



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