We won’t leave our houses for weeks? That certainly won’t happen, Prymula said

“If we should imagine under it (lockdown) that we stop everything here, stay at home and do not leave our houses for 14 days or three weeks, it will certainly not happen,” said Prymula, who responded to the words of President MiloŇ° Zeman.

On Sunday, Zeman told the Blesk.cz server that he supports the measures of the Minister of Health in the form of restrictions on leisure activities. “I am against a lockdown that would endanger the economy, because I believe that the Czech Republic can no longer afford a second lockdown,” Zeman said.

For the second time, closing the economy would have similar social consequences to a virus. According to him, further indebtedness would worsen the Czech Republic’s rating, making loans more expensive. According to him, the Czechia can afford the introduction of anti-coronavirus measures and the relevant state aid for another year, a maximum of two. However, he considers the considerations on the overall closure to be dangerous and harmful for the Czech economy.

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