‘We won’ really? Summary of ‘Thai Society’ Year 63 Unemployment – Increased Household Debt Fall more than survive!

March 2, 2021


NESDB summarizes the overview of “Thai society in the year 63” with the unemployment rate. And increased household debt

Enter the year 2 Of the outbreak ofCOVID-19 The Thai government has released measures And policyhealvarious All year 2563 And the long haul came to the year 2564 Either “We stand together We travel together Half each We won. “” We love each other. “

To view the year summary 2563 The past Bangkok Business Online ReadableFourth Quarter of Thai Social Condition Report And overview of 2020 Of the officeNational Economic and Social Development Council (NESDB) That in the past year, Thailand was in a state “We won Really?

  • The unemployment rate increases. 1.86%

Fourth quarter year 2563 Increased labor force With totality 39.1 Million people Increased from 38.0 Million people Or increase in percentage 2.9 In the same period last year From moving into the labor market of those outside the labor force, especially in the domestic work group Which this group of workers has become self-employed Employment increase Number 38.3 Million people

Throughout 2020 Labor marketAffected by COVID-19 Causing the unemployment rate to increase And working hours decrease By labor force in the year 2563 Totality 38.5 Million people Or increase in percentage 1.0

From the economic conditions survey data And the society of the household for half a year 2563 Found that Households have income 23,615 baht Dropped from year to year 2562 Earning 26,371 baht Or have a percentage drop in income 10.45

  • “Household debt” increased 3.9%

Household debt In the third trimester year 2563 Be worth13.77 Trillion baht Percentage 3.9 Close to the percentage 3.8 In the previous quarter Or accounted for a percentage 86.6 per GDP Increased following economic contraction as a result of the epidemic of COVID-19 While the ability to repay debt improved By the third quarter2563 Outstanding debtNPLs For consumption has value144,329 Million baht accounted for Percentage 2.91 Of total credit Decrease compared to percentage 3.12 In the previous quarter

The situation of the epidemic COVID-19 New wave Will affect income And the ability to pay household debts increases. And a major challenge In finding ways to help the debtor So as not to have liquidity problems which will affect the quality of life. and Became a traction factor for the economy In which the next phase may need to be considered

1. Debt restructuring for debtors who have previously been restructured. Along with new debt restructuring
2. Classification of debtors affected by the new COVID-19 epidemic from other groups of debtors. In order to avoid the fact that a group of debtors who do not have financial problems, but take measures to help the debtor.
3. The need to provide assistance to household groups Extra low income earners This is because the decline in income can have a serious impact on livelihood. Because there was already a debt burden and financial need

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  • “Patients” decreased. 51.9%

Fourth quarter year 2563 Illness with surveillance disease decreased in percentage 51.9 It is a reduction in almost all diseases. With influenza patients decreased in percentage 88.1 Patients with dengue fever decreased in percentage. 69.3 And patients with pneumonia Percentage decrease 20.9 But still need to keep an eye on hand disease foot mouth In young children Due to more than doubled the number of patients Including the spread of COVID-19 And the effect of dust PM 2.5

WhileYear overview 2563 Illness with surveillance disease decreased in percentage 50.0 Partly because people are aware of their own protection. Resulting in decreased seasonal disease

  • Consuming alcohol And cigarettes Decrease 3.2%

Fourth quarter year 2563 Alcohol consumption And a percentage drop of cigarettes 3.2 With the consumption of alcohol decreased by percentage 4.7 And cigarette consumption decreased in percentage 0.5

WhileYear overview 2563 Alcohol consumption And a percentage drop of cigarettes 3.6 Due to government measures to close entertainment venues And a ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages due to the epidemic situation of COVID-19

  • Criminal cases down 23.7%

Fourth quarter year 2563 Total criminal cases decreased by percentage 23.7 From the same quarter of the year 2562 By drug cases Percentage decrease 26.4 Cases of life, body and sex were reduced in percentage. 7.8 Case of assault against property, decreased by a percentage 7.5

WhileYear overview 2563 Total criminal cases were also down at a percentage point. 14.6 With a percentage drop in drug cases 15.6 Life case Body and sex percent decrease 12.3 Case of assault against property, decreased by a percentage 7.5

Situation at the beginning of the year 2563 Where the epidemic COVID-19 The government uses social distance measures. Lockdown measures Causing the general crimes in that period to decrease But the occurrence of electronic crime has increased year on year. 2562 Percentage 96.5 After the relaxation of anti-epidemic measures of COVID-19 Other forms of crime began to increase from the third quarter. 2563 With a robbery case Run around Burglary Percentage increase 4.4 Stolen motorcycles increased percentage. 49.3 Therefore need to focus on And to monitor and tighten any offenses related to property

The new drug epidemic Including smuggling into the country illegally Illegal gambling Which is a risk factor for the new wave of COVID-19

  • Reduced traffic accidents 10.7%

Fourth quarter year 2563 There was a percentage drop in the report of road traffic accidents. 10.7 Decreased deaths Percentage 14.1 And the injured persons decreased in percentage 7.2 The most common cause of accidents is Drive ahead Approaching percentage 36.1 Followed by Driving faster than the law 35.7

2020 overview Accident, number of fatalities And the injured Percentage decrease 8.7 17.7 and 9.9 Respectively And during the New Year season 2564 Although lessons have been taken from the past Thai festivals It is also during the outbreak of COVID-19 New wave The number of deaths during the New Year season has increased by percentage. 5.1 This reflects the situation on the road that still needs to focus on changing the behavior of using the road.

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The origin : Office of the Economic Development Council And the national society


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