“We will try to improve the Chamois Niortais”

Wednesday 23 September 2020 12:01 -Article written by La Rdaction – Respond to this article

Eytan Hanouna, who is the new majority shareholder of Chamois Niortais, spoke to the press yesterday about his arrival at the club, as explained The New Republic. While he has been Niort’s strong man since last August and the departure of Karim Fradin from the presidency, he confided “Football has infused into our culture since we were little. We have always played. in football, since chick. ” But despite this strong passion, his arrival at the head of a football club was not planned.

“I believe a lot in the city and the region”

Eytan Hanouna therefore confided “It happened a bit by chance. Mikaël arrived at Chamois niortais. I followed this with great interest, being his first supporter. In 2019, there was a governance crisis and shareholder. Karim approached me and asked me to become a minority shareholder of the club. What I did. The principle was to take decisions together even if Karim remained involved in day-to-day operational management and remained the image of the club. ” However, everything was speeded up in August and Hanouna therefore decided to react quickly.

He explained, concerning the departure of Fradin, “In that period, this is not the most obvious moment. We reacted very quickly with Jean-Louis Mornet. What appeared to be the most obvious solution was liquidity between partners and that’s what we have put in place. At the beginning we come to be of service and then, afterwards, we develop a passion for a group, for a club. I believe a lot in the city and in the region also, with great development potential. There is a real project and a lot of things to do. We will try to make the Chamois Niortais progress and, in a few years, when we look behind us, let us be proud to improve the infrastructure and the club in general. We arrive, we are not Niortais, we must be accepted by the city and the people. We must show that we are serious people. you have to show humility and understanding. Now it’s behind me and I’m thinking about the future. ” That is what has been said, while the Chamois have made a very good start to the season and are in 1st place in Ligue 2.

League 2 standings

Rsultat Ligue 2




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