We will not force anyone to vaccinate. Registration of outlets starts on Friday

“The start of COVID 19 vaccination planned for the beginning of next year is a huge health logistics operation. It will be preceded by an information campaign that will provide you with all the necessary information about this process and, what I hope most, will dispel any fears and false information” – wrote the boss order on your Facebook profile.

Morawiecki on vaccines: they will be voluntary and free

As he noted, vaccines will be voluntary and free. He informed that the process of registration of facilities that will carry out vaccinations starts on Friday.

Mateusz Morawiecki He noted that the vaccination procedure was “four simple steps”. In the first place, vaccinations will be given to seniors over 60 years of age and health care and uniformed services employees. “We will not force anyone to vaccinate, but with their help we want to achieve one thing – protect all Poles against the virus” – emphasized the head of the government.

To the entry premiere video material is included. It emphasized that vaccination against COVID is “a huge logistic operation related to the health of Poles”. It was recalled that Poland has signed contracts for the supply of vaccines with Pfizer BioNTech, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca. The contracts cover the supply of 45 million doses of the vaccine “after approval by the European institutions”.

On Friday, the recruitment of entities that will organize vaccination points starts

It was repeated that vaccinations would be voluntary and free, and on December 4, the recruitment of entities that would organize vaccination points was launched. It was announced that it would be possible to register for vaccination on-line, via the hotline, with a primary health care physician, on a special website or at IKP.

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WHO tightens the guidelines for masks – for children or receiving guests

After reporting to the vaccination center, a doctor or a nurse will qualify for a vaccination. You should monitor your health after immunization, they reminded. After 21 days, without registration, you will have to report for a repeat vaccination.

The film also reminds that first of all, the possibility of vaccinating will be available to health care workers, residents of DPS and ZOL patients, the elderly over 60 years of age, uniformed services working in the fight against the pandemic (police, army).

Vaccinations will be carried out in stationary primary health care centers and other stationary medical facilities, as well as by mobile vaccination teams and vaccination centers in reserve hospitals.

The film ends with an appeal: “Be immune. Get vaccinated.”

PAP, author: Marzena Kozłowska

Coronavirus: all current information and recommendations on gov.pl.

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We officially have a million infected, but what is it really like?

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