We Will Make You Bleed


TAIPEI – Parliamentarian Taiwan condemn Presiden China Xi Jinping who threatened to attack his country. Taiwan Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee member Wang Ting-yu revealed the ‘philosophy’ behind defending the island in case of all-out war.

Wang Ting-yu warned that any attempt to annex Taiwan by brutal military force would cost both time and lives.

“Never enough for Taiwan. A country like China very big with capital, with money, with resources and they have a strong relationship with the international community,” he said.

“For Taiwan, we have 23 million people here and we have an important role in the supply chain. However, we know we can’t get a fair arrangement and trade with the world, on some occasions we can’t even call ourselves Taiwan,” he said.

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“We understand that we are not naive, we need to defend, then improve, then we can do what we want. So we are safe, we have resilience capabilities, so we know we have to make China think before they move,” he added.

“They must understand that if they dare to attack Taiwan, they will lose their important economic territory near the coast and we need to make them understand that he cannot find Taiwan successfully, or according to their announcement in a few days, it is impossible,” he said.

“It takes time, it takes resources, it takes life, so we have to make Taiwan like a hedgehog. If you want to bite us, yes, you are big, we are small, but if you dare to bite Taiwan, our sting will hinder you,” he said.

“So that’s our basic philosophy to protect our country,” he said Express, Sunday (7/11/2021).



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