We will live with COVID, no matter who wins the election, but the abuse of the virus is detrimental to political health

Each opposition must closely monitor its political opponent and, as soon as he steps sideways, shout loudly and reap the maximum benefits from the situation. This is by definition and the force of this rule increases many times when a pre-election period occurs. Then additional extras are allowed – to curse the opponent, even when you have no meaningful arguments.

The important thing is to shout,

I hope the voter hears you

and stand by your side – that is, to cast the ballot for you.

What did the Minister of Health do so much that the red opposition in Varna issued an emotional declaration?

A few days ago, Prof. Kostadin Angelov stopped his participation in the election campaign and leads GERB lists in Varna and Veliko Tarnovo. What was the doctor’s message? Signal rocket for the impending danger of a significant increase in patients with coronavirus. This was to be understood by both the citizens (and to protect themselves as much as possible from infection in the current 3-4 dangerous weeks) and the politicians (who in turn would stop playing with the COVID-19 factor in these elections).

The Minister’s message is clear to anyone sane: the battle with the virus comes first. Because “the situation in some areas is becoming extremely serious” according to Angelov, and in the words of Gen. Mutafchiiski “has a steep rise in the mortality curve.”

But according to the opposition, the government is to blame for all this, but not the people who do not observe restrictive measures. In an election campaign, the logic is always distorted.

But politicians are obviously very, very many

they want to bring in the pandemic as a player

in the field of elections,

and each in his own team. And the Varna Socialists are looking for dividends in their favor.

“Didn’t Minister Angelov know that we are in a situation of Kovid crisis and he has duties as Minister of Health when he applied as a candidate for MP from GERB?” ask the BSP in Varna.

If someone is managing to deal with a crisis, it is logical to ask the trust of the voters whether to continue to do so. Because many people apply for the parliament in different lists, who are great experts in words in the studios, but there is no evidence for their real expertise when decisions have to be made.

Prof. Angelov can be seen that he tries to help the medics from the first line as much as possible and tells people quite emphatically what the real situation is first hand, without sparing awkward numbers.

When he went to Varna, it was not so much to ritually cut the ribbon of the state-of-the-art tomograph at St. Marina Hospital, but to encourage his colleagues in the impending new third wave of the virus, as well as to thank them for saving at least 3,300 human life.

Is it bad? Should we wait for a declaration from the BSP in Veliko Tarnovo, if the minister arrives at the local hospital tomorrow?

The campaign is a campaign, but in it the arguments must be meaningful and reasoned. Such a meaningful and interesting question is, for example, did President Rumen Radev not know that the third wave of the coronavirus was coming, so he wanted so much to schedule the elections as early as possible?

Could the elections have been later, in May, when the third wave will have passed, when there will be many more vaccinated people (as long as, of course, the producers keep their word, and as it has been seen so far, they do not observe contracts). He could, but he didn’t.

Now, by the way, some are raising the voice that the parliament should have convened extraordinarily and canceled the elections by three months – that is, to schedule them somewhere for July.

Well, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to imagine what a howl will rise – we will describe the whole of Europe, maybe we can engage American lobbyists for the thesis of what kind of anti-democratic rulers there are in Bulgaria.

And non-campaign players on the field will gain trust if, instead of teasing, they offer rational steps to deal with the critical situation in the pandemic.

So far, nothing like this has been noticed. It can be seen that the candidates for power are trying to ride the crisis in their favor.

And if the respected candidates for power take the place of the Minister of Health tomorrow, how will they persuade people to comply with the restrictive measures, when they were cursed yesterday?

How will they tell teachers, parents, students, restaurateurs, fitness coaches, bartenders, athletes …?

More common sense is needed. Mostly from those who run for leadership to represent the electorate in power.

Do not slip on simple and easy solutions to complex problems, because the results of this approach will eventually turn against them.



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