We will call for a strike on February 8 on all Lebanese soil

The head of the land transport federations and unions, Bassam Tlais, said, “The land transport sector has reached an unbearable level, and we have endured a lot.

Tlais indicated, during a meeting held by the sector federations and trade unions at the headquarters of the General Labor Union, that “we know that all economic sectors are affected and are affected by the price of the dollar, but what we do not know and that politicians must know, what have they done to confront the matter? What is the status of the dollar and its repercussions on the people? The category that is most Most affected is the land transport sector, which takes the place of the state and is the vital artery to connect the Lebanese regions to each other.

He added, “The presidency of the General Labor Union is concerned, and the federations and unions of the land transport sector in Lebanon are part of this union. Therefore, I do not allow myself to announce the move that the President of the General Labor Union, Beshara Al-Asmar, will announce and specify its date.”

In turn, Al-Asmar announced that “the General Labor Union, the land transport federations, and the federations under the banner of the General Labor Union, along with a dialogue with the executive authority, but we have not reached anything yet. Therefore, on Wednesday, February 1, 2023, a meeting of the Executive Council of the General Labor Union, which will announce a strike against The entire Lebanese territory on Wednesday, February 8, 2023, in which the land transport sector and all unions in independent public and private interests, government hospitals, the Trade Union Coordination Authority, teachers, and liberal professions unions will participate. processed quickly.”

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