We will be able to test our blood sugar with a portable device that “tastes” the skin (Video)

Diabetics and athletes will soon be able to test their blood sugar and lactic acid levels, produced in excess during intense training, with the help of a portable wrist device that “tastes” through the skin.

The “K’track Glucose” device, which will cost $ 149, will help diabetics get rid of finger bites to determine blood sugar levels, informs the manufacturer PKvitality, quoted by Live Science.

This does not mean that nothing will penetrate their skin. However, instead of the sometimes painful stings, the K’track device inserts tiny needles with a diameter of less than half a millimeter into the top layer of the skin, which extract a small amount of fluid which is then analyzed by sensors that identify glucose levels.

Using a K’track application for Android or iOS devices, users will be able to monitor their glucose levels over time.

In the case of athletes, a $ 199 portable device, the “K’Track Athlete,” detects the level of lactic acid, which shows how well the body responds to training and how much an athlete should devote to recovery after intense effort. , explains PKvitality.

Because the device is portable, athletes will not have to stop training to measure their lactic acid levels.

Although the technology is new and could make life easier for both diabetics and athletes, it is unknown when PKvitality’s K’track devices will reach users, notes Live Science, noting that the manufacturing company is awaiting the latest approvals. to the regulatory authorities in order to sell their products.



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