“We were convinced that with the vaccine we would win by walking”

As a balance to the debacle that the defeat in the PASO produced in the ruling party Jorge Ferraresi left a confession on Tuesday: “We were convinced that with the vaccine we won the election by walking and people slapped us “.

The Minister of Territorial Development and Habitat of Alberto Fernández thus defined the climate of confusion in the face of the electoral results, as well as the official confidence that was far from the message that was specified at the polls.

A tough man from the suburbs and baron of Avellaneda, Ferraresi analyzed that, facing the November 14 elections, it was not bad to receive a “slap” of the people, but lowered expectations, by outlining that the midterm elections they don’t worry too much, for more yes and no formulas that the President applies at the manual pace.

“We were convinced that with the vaccine we won the election by walking and people slapped us. It was our obligation. It was as if they voted for us because we were guaranteed the teacher of all the primary grades. This is so, it is logical . The vaccine is the same: an obligation of the State that has to give it“, he defined in radio statements.

In dialogue with Dady Brieva on The uncoveringFerraresi assured that when people do not vote for them “it is for some reason.” “There one has the obligation to deepen the policies, especially when one has an idea. We have the idea that people do better“said the minister.

And he assured that the Government has “the obligation to generate work.” “The one who doesn’t have a job, if you do not see the possibility of having it he is not going to vote us. It is not bad that they hit us a slap, “he reiterated.

But in that sense he said that “nothing happens either“.

“We lost 2009 and if one remembers the deepest policies of the government of Cristina Kirchner) in expansion of rights were in those years. In 2013 we lost back and ended 2015 with management at full throttle. The truth is that the intermediate ones do not worry me too much, I am worried about the end of the government. That he has passed the exam well and that it is approved by the people, “he said.

The reference to 2015 was particular, taking into account the election result of that year, which consecrated president to Mauricio Macri.

Alberto Fernández and Jorge Ferraresi. Photo file.

“The Government does not give away anything, it repairs”

Asked about the criticism that the Government received when increasing handouts in the campaign -in what the candidate defined Daniel Gollan as “little money in the pocket” – to turn the result of the PASO, Ferraresi tried to redefine: “Government does not give anything away, the government repairs“.

“Look at issues that have to do with history“, he defined. And he recalled that the subsidy for graduate trips implemented it as mayor on Avellaneda in the year 2013… “and now axel took it“, in reference to Kicillof, Buenos Aires governor.

In that sense, he compared subsidies. “This weekend there were more than 4 million tourists, they give you 50% back of what they spent. Surely there is middle class, high average that they went to very good places in Argentina and it is not bad. Surely that 50% it is much more than those 30 thousand pesos that the government of the province is going to subsidize the student kids who cannot leave, “he estimated.

In addition, Ferraresi refuted those who “always speak” of “giving away”: “We repair things and define issues from equity and the present state.”

“In those criticisms that there were, to soup kitchens of supportive people who work in the territory They brought him a refrigerator and a kitchen … Anything is said from anywhere without thinking“, criticized Ferraresi.

In that sense, the minister chose a formula remanufactured from Kirchnerism: he pointed to the “highly segmented agenda” of “concentrated media“, which they criticize, according to him,” every day and all the time. “

“I do not believe that today no one listens to these media by chance and they convince them that this is the reality they live. People live a different reality. The networks have their influence, but the reality is greater “, he estimated.

“You don’t have to pay too much attention (to the media) and not get into their agenda. Sometimes I watch our programs that editorialize all the time what they say and give it more publicity. Let’s not talk about them anymore, let’s talk about ourselves and the things we do, “concluded his media analysis, with a proprietary look.

Loyalty day

Finally, Ferraresi also referred to the Loyalty day on October 17, which coincides with Mother’s Day and in which the Government was preparing an act that was finally canceled.

“We being mayor in the worst years of macrismo in the previous pandemic, we began to celebrate on all dates, with cultural activities and others. A few years ago, Mother’s Day coincided with October 17 and We were five guys, nobody came. It went bad for us“he recalled.

But he assured, beyond the symbolic date for Peronism: “We have a very strong political charge that has to do with the reality of Argentina.”

“In that sentence we say that the only privileged ones are the children and we have more than 50% of the poor kids. We will have done something wrong or we have not consolidated, “he accepted but pointed to other officials.” Every time we have to leave the government, the looting carried out by liberalism is so strong that it puts us in the second basement, “he concluded.




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