“We want to be a reflection of society”

The staff of the Delhaize supermarket chain has recently been allowed to wear a headscarf. “We want to be a correct reflection of society”, explains Roel Dekelver, spokesperson for the Delhaize supermarket. The work regulations were amended a year ago, but only now became known, reports The last news.

“Everyone is welcome at Delhaize and everyone should also feel welcome.” That is why all headgear is now allowed in Delhaize. It is certainly not only about headscarves. You may soon see a Delhaize shop assistant with a yarmulke or with a cap.

You shouldn’t expect a cashier with a burqa right away. “An important condition is that there is no problem in terms of safety or recognisability. For that reason a burqa, for example, still cannot ”, the spokesperson explains.

This new rule only applies to supermarkets operated by Delhaize itself. “Independent operators of AD Delhaize stores decide for themselves which policy to pursue, for them it is merely an advice”, explains Dekelver.

Albert Heyn also has a headscarf as an accessory to the uniform

In the latter area, Delhaize has a different policy from independent Albert Heyn stores, which, like Delhaize, are part of the Ahold group. There are also the independent operators are obliged to follow AH’s general company policy. In the case of Albert Heyn, the headscarf is also an effective part of the official uniform.

Even in retail chains such as Ikea or Torfs, employees are already allowed to wear (religious) headgear. Carrefour applies a total ban. And Colruyt allows the wearing of headgear, but only for employees who do not come into contact with customers.

A prohibition applies in those supermarkets “Because we want to maintain neutrality”, it sounds. Therefore, personnel in our stores must not display any outward signs of religious or political affiliation.

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