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The eXtra.cz editorial team tried to be in the shoes of the competitors of the rough reality show Survivor Czechia and Slovakia. Not only did we spend a busy night on a desert island, but right after that we went to one of the competitions that participants undergo to gain the necessary benefits in the struggle for survival. In competitions, not only physical fitness and strength are tested, but also teamwork. This is how we experienced a demanding competitive discipline.

After a busy and sleepy night on a desert island in the dominican republic, the eXtra.cz editorial staff also took part in one of the outdoor obstacle competitions, which the performers will fight almost every day to gain the benefits and immunity that are essential for survival on the island, but also in the competition.

The huge obstacle course we tried was built on a plain surrounded by jungle. Even before the start of the race, there was a pleasant mood on the field, but when we stood at the starting line, our thoughts were perfectly aligned and focused only on the obstacles and the path through them that led to victory.

There is a risk of injury at every turn

The track was challenging in all directions and each of the competitors could show their dominant side on it. Obstacles were focused on strength, speed, imagination, but also concentration, which is sometimes hard to find with adrenaline in the blood. It’s also very easy to take a step aside, which can lead to an unpleasant injury, but there’s no time to think about it in the competition either, as well as a few cameras that target actors from all sides.

We realized that overcoming this particular construction was exhausting only during the last discipline, when the competitor begins to perceive the surroundings and his tribe more intensely, who cheers from the top of his throat and hopes for the victory of his warrior.

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After his own experience, which was to spend an authentic night on a desert island and overcome the obstacles that await Survivor competitors, we evaluated that this is a reality show only for very brave, mentally stable, but also well-prepared individuals who are not afraid to cross their boundaries.

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