We tell you what the weather forecast is for this afternoon in New York | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

scan the code so thathave more details.we go with the guardians of thetime because the conditionsthey are not as they would like inlate but better for the night.Lucrecia: How cool is that?we have the cold front, thatwhy we haverainy today but downhilltemperatures.let’s see we are talkingthis system rains which statewith us all day, we haveseen some elulaimportant that they producedin some heavy downpoursmoments, even if very short,we saw strong windsincluding electrical activity.what we see is the frontthread that is reachingour region, in front of everyoneprecipitation, the rain thataround 2:30 in the afternoonsystem continues onmovement, 4:15 we will be oftraces of cold in front and behindfrom the front I know what they are goingthe conditions remaindry and more stable because themoisture moves to the areaof the ocean, we’ll see yoursthis afternoon the probability ofa little cloudiness but little by littlelittle the sun makes its wayas he leaves oursregion.this is the difference10, well there are 13 in Morristown,12 in sussex, 7 in the area ofthe guard, 3 in newark, whitefull 2.in a very unusual wayhigh temperatures for todaywe were at 11:00,generally the temperaturethe maximum comes at 15:00as the thermometer continuesdescending into the nexthours locating in 6515:00, after 69for 17:00, it continuesthe epic descent of the night.62 before 21:00, onevery special night because thisthe night comes the equinoxautumn, we talked about when thethe clock strikes 21:04we will make the switchfrom summer to autumn ethen we’ll see fromtomorrow as the logo bearidentify yourself in this wayperpendicular to the equatorand then we’ll have one nightit is more stable, same quantityof sun, same amount ofcloudiness, especially intonight, starting tomorrow

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