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“We had several meetings already during the season, but at Obradovich’s request we agreed to postpone the issue of a new contract until the end of the season,” Kocs revealed the history of negotiations with the famous coach. “After the season, when we had settled the issue of salaries for the whole team, we sat at the table with the coach. As soon as the borders were opened, the coach arrived in Istanbul. The talks were really hot. We discovered our thoughts, budgets and what we can actually do. delays in the payment of salaries, we promised that next season, when the budget is smaller, there will be no delays. “

“However, as we have done so far, we would continue to fully hand over the composition of the coach to the coach. Žeļko also honestly revealed all his thoughts and said that he should talk to his family before making a final decision. The coach later informed him of his decision on Tuesday evening. “The letter revealed that he did not want to train the team for only one season. We respect his decision, but it upset us,” said the club president.

“Obradovich is part of our family. His name is one of the most valuable in the history of Fenerbahce. to Obradovich for leaving the team.

“Our relationship will always continue. However, life must also continue. In this reality, we must quickly make the most logical decisions regarding goals and real opportunities. We will find a new coach and create a lineup within a month. With energy, the right coach and lineup with a good return on investment, “We will have a smaller budget than before. Some may not like it, but we must act responsibly for the future of the club, take rational and bold steps in the conditions we are in. As conditions improve in the coming years, we will be able to increase the budget again.”

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During the season, it was reported that Fenerbahce had a budget of 30 million euros last season and was the sixth largest among all Euroleague clubs. Kocs has previously said that Obradovich can stay on the team for as long as he wants, but the club’s budget will no longer be 30 million euros. The main goal of “Fenerbahce” for the position of coach is considered to be Lithuanian specialist and Obradovich’s student Šarūns Jasikēvičs, who still has a contract with Kaunas “Žalgiri”.

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