We put a lot of pressure on Bulgaria

French President Emmanuel Macron has expressed hope that the Bulgarian parliament will vote on his proposal for a veto over northern Macedonia. If the vote passes through the National Assembly, EU permanent representatives can give it the green light next week, he said. BNR.

The so-called The “French proposal” concerns resolving the dispute between the two countries in a way that would allow the Republic of Northern Macedonia (RSM) to receive a framework for its membership negotiations and start working on it, but also to provide a guarantor for Bulgaria’s concerns about the possible accession of our neighboring country to the EU.

“One member state reacted with a delay and demanded changes. We could not pretend that this did not exist,” the French head of state stressed.
“Is this fair to Northern Macedonia – I will tell you frankly not,” he stressed, adding:
“That is why we have put a lot of pressure on Bulgaria in recent months. This is also the result of the political crisis in Bulgaria at the moment and we cannot pretend that it does not exist. I want to welcome Prime Minister Petkov’s political courage and commitment. everything and I think we are very close to an agreement. “
At the same time, the French head of state acknowledged that Bulgaria’s demands are compatible with what Northern Macedonia can do:
“So in the next few hours, according to what has been agreed, I am counting on the vote of the Bulgarian parliament and all political forces in it, as well as the president – those who are in the ruling coalition and others who have recently left it, and of the opposition parties. They all have a duty to Europeans to vote in the light of what we have achieved. “
Macron said he would then hold talks with officials in northern Macedonia to complete the process.

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