“We must not give up”, proclaims Thibaut Dabbadie

The solid pillar of 21 years (1.80 m, 110 kg), arrived in Alamercery cadets at the Stadistes, passed through the Talence sector, after his debut at Sanguinet at 11 years old, measures his evolution since his arrival: “Since the cadets, I have made enormous progress and filled many gaps. It must be said that I started from afar! »

French Navy and BA 118

He knows how to assess his potential and his shortcomings: “My strong point is melee, on the other hand, I have to work on my movements and my position to be used. In parallel with the training center, he obtained his baccalaureate at Charles-Despiau high school in Mont-de-Marsan, rugby section, with which he was champion of France UNSS. Two years later, DUT telecommunications network in his pocket, he landed a contract with the French Navy, currently part-time at the Rafales Training Center at Air Base 118.

Even if his schedule is full, he does not forget his current rugby duties, before leaving the club at the end of the season. His future seems to be towards a National 1 or 2 level club, according to him.

The Montois still have six games to play.

Matthew Sartre

Coach Romain Cabannes, a bit fatalistic, still wants to believe it: “We are pursued by bad luck, we accumulate absences and injuries, like recently our scrum halves against Castres. But we will hang on to have nothing to regret. »

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