“We must learn to live with this virus”, the deputy Eric Pauget asks the Prime Minister to reopen the restaurants

While restaurants have been closed since October 30, a group of deputies are asking the Prime Minister to consider reopening them. Eric Pauget, LR deputy for Alpes-Maritimes, wants to “get out of this tunnel”.

The restaurants have exceeded 4 months of closure. Forty deputies signed a column in Le Journal du Dimanche on February 28 to ask the Prime Minister to consider reopening the restaurants at the end of March. Among them, Eric Pauget, LR deputy for Alpes-Maritimes.

The deputy would like to open restaurants for lunch “for company employees” for example, in order to revive the economy. In addition, he stresses that for our region, it would be easy to reopen the terraces very quickly because the climate is mild. Thus, part of the restaurant would be in the open air, as one more means of countering the virus.

More controls

This would of course be in addition to a “very strict sanitary protocol”, taking the example of “our Monegasque and Italian colleagues”. Eric Pauget also insists on the importance of checks on compliance with this protocol “because one of the mistakes we have made in recent months is perhaps that checks were lacking”.

We cannot live in a bell, we have to learn to live with this virus.

Eric Pauget, LR deputy for Alpes-Maritimes

The deputy justifies this call by specifying that the company restaurants are functioning and “we did not see that they were clusters, sources of contamination”. He adds: “Since the end of October the restaurants have been closed and the virus continues to spread so it is not the restaurants the cause.”

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“There are plenty of small restaurants, family businesses that are dying,” he regrets. “We have to launch a measure of hope, that we get out of this tunnel. If we start proposing reopening measures now for the beginning of April, there is no reason that we cannot can’t do it. ” But for that to happen, the demand of these deputies must be heard by the government.

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