We must deprive Russia of access to semiconductors necessary for the production of weapons / GORDON

“I repeat and repeat: the US can make its own semiconductors. We have made significant upgrades, but we have stopped investing in ourselves. And this means that we want to return to the game and become the main producer of semiconductors,” Biden said.

He added that “computer chips power a large part of modern life.”

“These are our phones, our technologies. [Полупроводники] play an important role in defense production. And it is necessary that Russia does not have access to these semiconductor technologies,” the US President said.


After the start of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, military assistance to Kyiv provide more than 30 countries, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken reported on April 7. For two months, the allies allocated to strengthen the defense capability of Ukraine over $5 billionPentagon chief Lloyd Austin said on April 26.

Western countries have also imposed several packages of sanctions against Russia.and also began to massively abandon Russian oil and gas and look for an alternative to them.

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