“We invest in inventory instead of in marketing”

In the interview:
Timm the crossbow

The Dresden online bicycle dealer Bike24 has not only been pedaling hard on the stock exchange since the IPO at the end of June. CFO Timm Armbrust is not worried that he will have to shift down a gear after the end of the bicycle boom during the pandemic.

Mr Armbrust, the Greens are likely to be part of the next government. Does Bike24 have to adjust its forecasts to the increasing demand for cargo bikes soon? No, cargo bikes are not a big market for us. This segment will not drive sales. We now also have a cargo bike in our range. As a pure online retailer, this is a major logistical challenge for us. After all, the customer doesn’t want to spend two hours assembling the bike after delivery. Bike24 expects a slower pace in the second half of the year. Do you have to go to …

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