“We face a good team in the League”

MAdrid – Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid coach, admitted that the good run of results with full of victories in February has helped his players to regain “a little confidence”, but defended that neither before they were “so bad” and now they are ” the best”. “We are doing well, playing well, we have regained confidence a bit and it can be seen on the pitch. We managed to transmit it on match day,” Zidane analyzed at a press conference. But the Madrid coach wanted to quickly stop the euphoria. “We are better, but now we have to continue because we have not won anything. We were not so bad before, because the outside does not help, nor are we the best now. My players are, but we have to continue and we can improve a lot, it will be better for us, “he added.

Focusing on the duel against Real Sociedad, Zidane assured that they face “a good team in the League that is doing very well” and that “knows how to play”, although he chose to focus on what Real Madrid is going to propose in the game. field “to continue improving”.

“At Real Madrid when we have more difficulty we know how to impose ourselves at critical moments, it has always been like that. We know that there are difficulties in the season, but there are very good things and we have to continue with what we are doing lately because this is long and they remain many parties, “he added.

The French coach focused solely on his team, without going into the fact that the fight for the League title is two or four depending on each match: “Everyone has their opinion, but the League is open to everyone. The leader He has an advantage but 42 points are missing and we are going to continue with what we want: to play well and try to win. “

Zidane praised “the commitment of all the players” and defended Isco, starter in the Champions League in a key game after having little prominence throughout the course: “We know him, his qualities and he is a Madrid player. You can say no He has played a lot lately but he played well against Atalanta and tomorrow – for today – we have another game, we have him like everyone else and managing minutes is my job. “

“It is not the easiest thing for a coach when he has so many good players, but with Isco we will always count. He is not to blame, I have to choose and there are very good players in this team,” he said.

28th day. La Real already knows the schedule of the league match immediately prior to the Cup final on April 3. It will be the one that disputes against Barcelona in Anoeta, corresponding to the 28th day of the League, on Sunday March 21 from 9:00 p.m. Then there will be a league break for teams in the last week of March before the weekend of matchday 29 and the final of the last edition of the Cup. Eibar, meanwhile, will visit Athletic on Saturday 20 from 2:00 p.m.

Against Barça, on Sunday 21 (9:00 p.m.)

New schedule

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