“We don’t have plan B”, restaurateurs in New York react to possible bans for the omicron variant | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

classes during the lastweek. in a statement theeducational establishment said thatthey follow all the protocolssanitary and attribute thissprout some brothers whotransmitted the virus to othersexpected, the new variantof the coronavirus continuesspreading through new york. alreadythere are eight cases in the stateand the number is expected to continuegradually increasing totime that the authorities ofhealth they continue to study whatso dangerous can it be. ownersof bars and restaurants fearbe affected without reachingsuffer new prohibitionslike the ones they had in thelast. that’s why we connectwith violet that saltedinvestigate for business ofwashington on this issue.we don’t have a plan b, howsurvive.Violet: the person in charge of thisrestaurant says what omicrongrabs by assault.I think thebusiness and that makes it crucial.viokle is the same fear asthey share in this other place.you can be prepared,but we don’t know what will happen.violet: violet the associationof Latin restaurants and barshe is also putting thehand on head.this new variant gives usafraid that the governor orthe mayor take action thatagain affect the industry further.violet: by executive order themiddle of the pandemic the barsand restaurants could onlysell food and drinks tocarry. then he was allowedopen its doors with capacitylimited.permission is also grantedopening the kiosks.owners of bars and restaurantsthey say be ready foroffer good service. withoutHowever, they express having todeal with a sad reality.attachments like these enabledwill be closed becausediners do not want to sitoutside.a few months agowe had to close.that currently the city hasallowed to use and thecouncilman and the new mayorasked the mayor not to allowwear those heaters, but whatWhat if we ask is who?lets use those …viol “univisón 41 news”question how they will cope withthe consequences that couldbring micron.in a statement he said: “thatis promoting a project oflaw that, if approved,would improve the ability torespond to variants likeomicron and other possiblepandemics. from washington innew york, violet bastard,


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