‘We do not know whether there will ever be a vaccine’ – Wel.nl

As the coronavirus takes its toll again, we are pinning all our hopes on a vaccine “ that might be there before the end of the year. ” Kate Bingham, head of the UK Vaccine Task Force, is tempering expectations.

“We don’t know if there will ever be an effective vaccine,” she writes in The Lancet. It’s important to guard against over-optimism. The first generation of vaccines probably isn’t perfect. And we must be prepared that they do not prevent infection, but only reduce symptoms. And maybe they don’t even work for everyone or not for that long. ‘

Bingham mentions a second problem: “It is a major challenge that the global production capacity for vaccines is completely unsuitable for the millions of doses that must be produced.” Finally, the scientist warns against mutation of the virus. “Sars-Cov-2 is likely to evolve and other zoonotic pathogens pose risks in the future.”

That is why she advocates international cooperation. “Then we will be better prepared for future pandemics and they will not have to cause the greatest recession and threat to life that mankind has ever known,” it continues.

Bron (nen): The Lancet


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