we discovered the ‘movie hunters’, distributors with a lot of mischief in search of successes

Behind the red carpet, the spotlights and the applause of a festival there is a hidden market. This is what Enrique González, director of Caramel Films, says: “The film market could look like any car fair.”

Although here, the fresh product of the day be the emotions, and there is a lot of competition as Enrique Costa, distributor of ‘Avalon’ explains: “You have to be very careful to be faster than your industry colleagues”. “The competition is fierce,” insists Costa, while González points out that “it is an auction”: “If the film is good, it explodes or makes a lot of noise, the seller has several offers.”

And in that “marketing” that moves the supply and demand of the films that will hit theaters in the coming months, the ‘movie hunters’ intervene, that is to say, the distributors. “It is not only important to select but also to know everything that is around,” says Costa, who affirms that, “it helps to understand and make the final decision when choosing a release date for the film.”

For his part, Enrique González affirms that “for color tastes”: “I always try to find a balance between what I like and what I think can work.” And it is that they are acquired by the newly made titles, both are already complete and yet to be finished. In addition to intuition and information, also they have to have some mischief: it is the alchemy prior to a cinematic success in theaters. This is how González explains it, who confesses one of his anecdotes to get a movie: “Before finishing the movie, I left the living room on all fours, went out through the emergency exit and went to the seller to make him an offer.”

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