News we clearly say yes, too bad he hasn't said...

we clearly say yes, too bad he hasn’t said the same thing yet


A little over a month before All-Star Weekend, the faces of the guests to the various contests are gradually being revealed and rumors are rife. This time, the information is confirmed, the NBA sent an invitation for the Slam Dunk Contest to the two-time winner of the event, named Zach LaVine.

Last night, we told you that Dwight Howard and Ja Morant were the first guests in the dunk contest. Dwight has confirmed his presence and Ja is still thinking. Hallways noises suggested the presence of Derrick Jones Jr. but it is Zach LaVine which received an invitation from the League according to Eric Woodyard ofESPN. LaVine has yet to make a decision regarding his participation, however. We hope that this hesitation is just a simple bluff to raise the hype around the competition because if he refuses, we will be … very disappointed and we will not be the only ones. Indeed, disappointment is a euphemism here because we all have in mind the images of the legendary duel that the back of the Bulls delivered against Aaron Gordon. If you were in a cave in 2016, we will refresh your memory a little on these performances. After the qualifying dunks, the two jumping sticks met in the final. Theoretically, the format provided for two tomars per player and the best in terms of results lifted the trophy. However, the pair of aliens decided that was not enough. At the end of the two planned slams: equality, the buggers having each time received the maximum score of 50 points. We then go on a decisive dunk. And there, rebelote, equality. It is a fourth hammer that will decide between the marsupials and offer the title to Zach LaVine in what will remain one of the most spectacular Slam Dunk Contests in NBA history.

You will understand, we want to see LaVine at All-Star Weekend, and the League has responded to requests from many fans who claim the player of the Bulls for the contest of dunks. He does not miss any more that he accepts, but nothing is less certain. Indeed, Zach said he wouldn’t say no… to the 3-point contest. Why not after all, he is tenth in the number of winning shots per game this season with a nice percentage of 39.1%. But please, first the Slam Dunk Contest Zach, we need you to make us super and to restore the image of this event not always at the top in recent years. And what better way to warm us up than the presence of the former double winner? Perhaps Aaron Gordon’s participation for a remake of their legendary duel. In addition, Zach LaVine has a chance for an All-Star Game this season, he is currently fifth in the votes cast at full-backs in the East and could represent the Bulls in front of his home crowd. Because yes, it would be stupid to play an All-Star Game in Chicago without a Bulls player, but hey with them you never know.

The names of the guests and participants in the Slam Dunk Contest are slowly emerging and sincerely starting to hyper. Now, Ja and Zach would have to accept otherwise we will end up with a Robin Lopez versus Dwight Howard in the final and we will all cry blood.

Source texte : ESPN / Chicago Tribune


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