We can celebrate Uber’s departure from Córdoba

We can celebrate Uber’s departure from Córdoba

The municipal group of Podemos Córdoba has echoed the news of the end of Uber’s transport operations in Córdoba and has celebrated what it considers a victory for the taxi sector in the face of unfair competition from the so-called “collaborative economy” of those kinds of companies.

Although this does not mean that in the future Uber will not be able to return to Córdoba, it is, in the opinion of the spokesperson of the purple formation in the City Council, Cristina Pedrajas, «symptomatic that the union of the sector in Córdoba has had an effect on the Caliphate city, since in Seville or Malaga Uber operates normally »

Finally, Podemos believes that the Uber model has unleashed the figure of the false self-employed, where rates are set by supply-demand in the market, escaping from public control, unlike taxis.

We can celebrate Uber’s departure from Córdoba

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