We bet you don’t remember Elena Presnyakova without the famous wig (video)

Time has significantly changed the artist’s appearance.

Permanent soloist of “Gems” Elena Presnyakova recently celebrated her 76th birthday. She has spent more than half a century on stage, but she hasn’t lost her youthful enthusiasm about her.

Presnyakova is still cheerful, full of energy and optimism. But the appearance of the star has undergone changes. If you look at the archived videos, it is simply impossible to recognize the known Presnyakova. In the old recording, the singer has luxurious thick hair, styled very neatly. The audience is used to seeing the artist in her signature wig, which she doesn’t take off either on stage or in everyday life.

However, this is the only artificial “intervention” in its appearance. Presnyakova is an opponent of plastic surgery. She is frightened by the prospect that someone will cut her and squeeze her face.

The singer calls her character the secret of her youth. According to Presnyakova, she is an extremely restless person, unable even to sit in a beautician’s or manicurist’s chair. It is thanks to her constant internal drive that the star does not know what her aging is.

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