‘We are to death with him’

Those were very noisy days Coapathe poor results and the desire of some players to see increased activity caused that America attention will be stolen, however, despite the crisis that the staff is experiencing is clear to support inside the field the work of Santiago Solari.

“He’s fine, I don’t see why people think that is being played his position, he has done things very well in the past tournamentsI see it very well, calm and eager to change this situation, the team is to death with him and we want it to stay as long as possible, these potholes are tricky to pass but I see it very well”, clarified the player of the Eagles, JDS.

“These are rumours, what I can tell you is that we are More united than everwe work very well, we are not in the situation we would like to be in because we are Americawe’re to dead with the coach and technical staff”, he added.

Likewise, the national team avoided entering compared to what his father and brother did in their respective stages and assured that it would please you that during his passage he gets a title.

“I think they can’t compare with my brothermy brother had his chance here and now mine goestrue that my brother did not have Best of luck although everyone inside the club spoke to me wonders of himnow I am here and I wait get it rightfor that we come the reinforcements and continue with the Legacy of the Two Saintsand hopefully you can reach your dream to have a trophy”, he concluded.


Santiago Solari lamenting the defeat

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