“We are thinking of you!”: Famous personalities send messages and money to Moravia

“When I saw the shots from Moravia, I was really terrified. I have to use the words of Mrs. Ježková, who comes from the affected part, who said – one gets up again and manages it. One knows that he is strong. Only because of children, so that they can see that they have to fight. I wish you a lot of strength, “said actor Jakub Kohák.

“I would like to express my solidarity in a difficult situation, believe that we are with you and we are thinking of you and with our help you can do it, especially do not lose hope, hold on,” added former first lady Dagmar Havlová.

“For the whole band Mirai, we are sending strength to South Moravia, hold on, we are thinking of you and we are going to see you soon,” announced the frontman of the Mirai Navrátil group.

“Dear Moravians in the Břeclav and Hodonín regions, I think about you a lot and I sympathize with you,” the singer Leona Machálková announced.

“No need to say what happened, we all know. So let’s not be indifferent and help. Let’s help those people, thanks,” appeal to all actor Radim Fiala.

“I think it is our Christian duty to help them, and I will certainly be involved,” said renowned cardiac surgeon Jan Pirk.

“I send a lot of sympathy to everyone who has been hit by a devastating tornado. I believe that everyone will get out of it soon, probably none of us can imagine what an accident it is. I keep my fingers crossed and send positive energy,” said athlete Zuzana Hejnová.

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“We wanted to tell you that we think a lot about you, and that we have decided that next week our concert in Moravia in Sonberg will go all over to the affected area. We will keep thinking about you,” added singer Barbora Poláková.

“My heart hurts when I see the catastrophe. Hold on, dear Moravians,” the singer Olga Lounová posted on the social network.

“I sympathize with all those who have literally taken the roof over their heads. I believe that thanks to the solidarity that has dominated the Czechia, they will be able to return home and forget as soon as possible. But I hope that the Czech Republic will not forget who the Czechs are and how they can all external differences work as they are for themselves, when it is needed, as in this art they combine fast and willing, as they are unique. Thanks, “wrote the singer Tomáš Klus on Instagram.

“I would like to at least support all the people affected by the destructive energy of this crazy tornado. Unfortunately, I can’t be physically with you and help, but at least I’ll send some money, because you’ll need a lot of money and especially a lot of strength and energy. “Actress Petra Hřebíčková said.

Singer Marek Ztracený wants to help people in Moravia through the foundation:

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