By now we are essentially ridiculous, after reading someone who says that the Juventus President’s words are “painful” statements, as well as claiming thanks for not having infected Cristiano Ronaldo. We also lacked this. By now the positions are irreconcilable, it is clear that someone was smart, by regulation he had to play, as Genoa did the week before and all the teams with one or two infected so far, took advantage of the partial inclusion of the Asl, which should not have interfered, just as those of all the other cities involved so far have not interfered.

Napoli has seized the ball, after all it would have missed two players, plus an injured one, therefore, it did not start, making the protocol in its own way and being the first team to follow the rules and advice of an ASL, rather than those of the league organizing the tournament.

The honor certainly did not lose Juventus, but perhaps it was lost by those who the previous week walked on a team that presented itself, this one with honor, on the pitch, despite a difficult situation, this to keep the tournament going. aware that there would be no dates to recover all the races if all the first two positives stop.

Juventus have not dishonored anyone, they have kept faith with the commitments made, respect for the competition, elsewhere they have not done the same. With their behavior they have opened a modus operandi that everyone can now follow, two infected, ASL advice and request for postponement.

To the genius of Naples who granted this thing, how do you think the championship can be finished? They continue to say that 3-0 at the table is not right, but they do not understand that this is the only deterrent to avoid certain behaviors on the part of other clubs.

Nobody wants football to close, but those who follow the theory of Naples and the governor of Campania, do not want the good of football, it is the perspective of those who look at their own backyard and do not like it at all as a thing.

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