We are not new yet. The future actors / Article / LSM.lv tell about their debut on the Great Hall stage in Valmiera

On the stage of the Great Hall of Valmiera Drama Theater in Gunārs Priede’s play “The Younger Brother’s Summer ”directed by Inese Mičule six younger actors have made their debut. However, as one of them – Sandis Runge – emphasized, for the time being they are still students of the Valmiera Theater course and only next year will they be able to fully call themselves the new actors.

The 4th course for young actors has started with a premiere on the stage of the Great Hall together with experienced actors. Sandis Runge plays Uģis Daugavietis, but Diāna Krista Stafecka – Daci.

Commenting on her participation in the show, Diana Krista Stafecka said: “We are six young people on the big stage together with the rest of the band, this is the first. The second is how the team has welcomed and helped us, working with Inese Michulis, who has also helped us all very, very much. ”

“At the beginning of the work, we definitely studied, and also at the first reading, the whole team came with photo albums, parents or grandparents. There was a lecture with Ieva Struka, I had the opportunity to read Gunārs Priede’s diary. But when I started working, I played Uģis Daugavietis “The zeal of youth, maximalism, meeting reality, loneliness, first love, brotherhood is understandable. A lot can also come from oneself,” said Sandis Runge about her role and sense of time.

Diāna Krista Stafecka, on the other hand, said about Dace’s role: “Dace is very controversial, not as white and honest as it may seem at first. I remember what Inese [Mičule] we were told not to forget this time, for ideological or historical background it is very important to understand and remember that it is our grandparents’ time. When I think of Daci, I think a lot about my grandmother, who was also honest, at the same time very controversial and with a lot of passions inside. ”

Although the 4th year for several Valmiera acting students has started with a premiere on the stage of the Great Hall, Sandis Runge believes that for the time being they are all students and only in June next year will they be able to fully call themselves new actors.

The budding actors discovered that while staging the play, the stories about the brigadiers and kolkhozes caused fun and laughter, but gradually the actors grew into the material and understood the meaning of the play.

Working with young actors is different than working with experienced actors. The director of the show Inese Mičule commented: “They have come from school with such a relatively little practical experience, but they very quickly understood the reality. And there were no difficulties or obstacles to good cooperation at any time. “

Given the current constraints on gathering at cultural venues, it is not easy for actors not to receive sufficient response from the public. However, Sandis Runge shared a pleasant memory from the recent show: “It remained in my heart that such a light cry” Beautiful! “Was heard in the middle of the hall.

“Younger Brother’s Summer” is one of the diploma work performances of future actors. In total, there are six. The first two – “Younger Brother’s Summer” and “So far Godo” are over.

In November and December, performances based on the motifs of Tenis Williams ‘play “Long Tram” and Herman Hesse’ s work “Steppe Wolf” are expected.

In March, a work written by playwright Artūrs Dīčs will have its premiere in Valmiera, but at the end of May, a production of Bertold Brecht’s play “Proud Wedding” is expected at the Daile House.

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