“We are not asleep”: Vincent Lambert would have been abused by a pedophile priest

It is the symbol of the end-of-life debate. Vincent Lambert died last Thursday July 11 at the Reims University Hospital, while he was in a vegetative state since a motorcycle accident in 2008.

It is an unknown part of the life of the quadriplegic that the journalist Ixchel Delaporte reveals, in a book she presents on the set ofWe are not lying : The Vincent Lambert Affair, investigation into a family tragedy at Le Rouergue editions. “It is not something that was recognized by the priest in question whose name I reveal in the book“, she explains.

Vincent, at the age of 9 is sexually assaulted by this priest of the Saint-Pie X fraternity, who is a traditionalist community“She explains. Her mother, Viviane Lambert fights the hierarchy.” She does not come from a family of fraternity. Spontaneously, she complained to the hierarchy and the priest recognized that he had made a mistake. But this priest will continue to exercise his priestly activities for more than 30 years. He is still stationed in a chapel, “continues the journalist.

Today, according to Ixchel Delaporte, the priest is no longer at the Saint-Pie X fraternity, since 2014 but in a group “which is even more extreme”, resistance. He is always in contact with children, according to the author.

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