We are leaving! Santiago Ormeño would play the Copa América with Peru

Santiago Ormeño is one of the strikers feeling Liga MX Not only is he among the best strikers in the tournament, but he also has two teams ‘fighting’ for him.

The Mexican-Peruvian began to gain relevance since he played the eLiga MX, a virtual tournament that was replaced by the Closing 2020. He transported all his abilities from the FIFA to real life and has been considered one of the best forwards.

Now, according to the Peruvian newspaper ‘Líbero’, Santiago Ormeño would be considered seriously by the Selection of Peru and if it is confirmed that you will participate in the America Cup, Mexico would be losing one of its best elements.

The Peruvian newspaper revealed that it had access to most of the names of the pre-list of the Selection of Peru, where Ormeño stands out among the future summoned and from now on the arrangements would begin so that the Puebla lend to the player.

At the moment it is known that Santiago Ormeño He has no idea of ​​the future call that he will launch Ricardo Gareca, DT of the Peruvian team, in the pre-list of the America Cup but apparently it is a matter of time before it becomes official.

In case of being real, Peru must send a ‘reservation letter’ to Puebla to request the player, since the Cup America will be disputed June 13 to July 10, 2021 And although in theory the Liga MX would not be playing on those dates, it would have to face the preseason.

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Santiago Ormeño He has a Mexican and Peruvian passport, a fact that allows him to be requested by both groups. The Mexican team has been ‘tempted’ to summon him but for the moment it has not happened, so we will see who ‘wins’ the player.

Ormeño register for the moment 8 goals in Liga MX and is among the top scorers of the tournament. The Puebla is located in the sixth place with 20 units and in the absence of four more rounds they still aspire to go straight into the league.


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