“We are Jung-in’s mom and dad”… Citizens’ resentment in front of the court

[정인이 양모 살인죄 기소]

Goseong “The Murderer” towards the woolen convoy… Some lie in front of the vehicle
“The adoptive father is also an accomplice… Demand for “punishment for murder”

The first trial was held on the 13th at the Seoul Southern District Court, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul. After the trial, when the Justice Department convoy with wool tried to get out of the courthouse, citizens showed anger by throwing snow and knocking on the vehicle while blocking the road. Reporter Hoe-Sung Yang [email protected]

“We are Jung In, mother and father. Where the killer is going, I can never go.”

Around 11 am on the 13th, a major confusion broke out in front of the Seoul Southern District Law in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul. Civic groups and citizens threw themselves into the Ministry of Justice convoy. The old castles of “the killer” and “demon” were heard endlessly, and some citizens lie in front of a convoy. Jung In-yi’s wool, who had just finished the first trial, was riding in this vehicle.

On this day, the area in front of the Southern District was very crowded from early morning. Hundreds of civic groups, citizens, and reporters, as well as audiences who came to the trial, flocked. Some citizens came with their young children. Kim Na-eun (38), an audience member, said, “I want to see and hear whether my adoptive parents are really reflecting.” Another audience member Hwang Ji-young (38) resented, saying, “I came to see the face of my 16-month-old child for what I thought,” and “I must be punished for murder.”

Members of the Korea Child Abuse Prevention Association and more than 150 citizens held a relay demonstration in front of the front gate of the court, holding pickets such as “Adopted parents are murderers”. Mr. Han Soori (40) said, “We didn’t get an opportunity to listen, but we gathered for Jung In-i to show our anger.” Earlier, at around 10:40 am, the prosecution requested a change of the prosecution, and the news that the murder was applied to the woolen mother was heard, and there was a big flurry. However, rather than expressing that it’s good to see, he made a louder voice saying, “Apply the crime of murder to your adoptive father.” Kim Yeon-su (33) said, “My husband is the same accomplice, so why not apply the crime of murder?” Mr. Lee So-young (39) said, “I don’t understand that the husband and wife, the same killer, are disabled.” About 10 minutes after the convoy of Jungin’s wool departed, the husband and wife also left the court. Abusive language and criticism poured out to both husband and wife, but quickly got on the lawyer’s vehicle and set off. Several citizens ran into the vehicle and confronted it. The lawyer said, “It is the position of the adoptive father that he did not know about the abuse of the wool.”

Reporter Taesung Kim [email protected]

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